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Shooting in Preston - and Proud!
Shooting in Preston - and Proud!
Shooting in Preston - and Proud! Preston and Distric Rifle and Pistol Club
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Welcome to the Preston and District Rifle and Pistol Club website.

Originally established in 1947, Preston and District Rifle and Pistol Club has been providing shooting sports facilities to its members, both young and old, living in Preston and its surrounding areas for over 60 years.

We currently shoot at two locations: an indoor range situated next to the Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Club (off Lightfoot Lane, Fulwood) for small calibre shooting disciplines and at the Altcar Rifle Ranges (Merseyside) for fullbore shooting disciplines demanding longer distances.

The Club holds regular competitions (see right), enabling its members to engage in competetive shooting sports within an extremely safe and friendly environment.

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Club Meetings 2017:

Thursday, 05th October.

*** ACT NOW ***


Enjoy shooting that semi-auto .22 of yours? Love shooting that long barrel pistol?

Take a good, long, what is likely to be last look at it before January...

Meddling EU politicians are now proposing BANS (you read that correctly, BANS) in EU member states from ownership of semi-auto firearms (not just .22s). We have already lost deactivated guns back in early April..

Why? Well in the event of the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks, law-abiding firearms owners are to be penalised, to make Europe safer. By banning semi-auto .22s, the EU seems to think the horrendous acts of terrorism will be reduced. This is an attack on our sport. Act now to stand up for our sport.

What can YOU do?

  1. Sign this petition as soon as you can - and pass on the link to everyone you know. As at 07.06.2016 it already has almost 325,000 signatures. But we need more.

  2. Write to your local MP and MEP, here (you do it online, no stamp required).

  3. Spread the word and get everyone you know to sign the petition above and get this ridiculous knee-jerk reaction stopped in its tracks. The EU plans to act in June and try to get this in place towards the end of the year.

  4. Links:
    1 - EU Press Release (TEXT)
    2 - EU Press Release Detailing Proposals (VIDEO)
    3 - Petition associated video

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