Club Membership

Details relating to membership of the Club are provided below..

What are the costs of membership?
We provide a full breakdown of membership costs (probationary, full) in our Club Pricelist.

We offer 1 month trial sessions, followed by a 5 month extension before full membership can commence in accordance with our license. Following this, full membership can be requested. Training will be provided to ensure safety and improve handling and scores. No equipment is needed, as the club has everything you need.

Probationary membership requirements
Probationary Membership during Covid-19

Please note that due to the problems associated with Coronavirus and the required one to one training of new members, we will not be able to take new probationary members for the time being.

This situation will be reviewed regularly and as soon as we are able, we will re-open the membership.

In the meantime, please do NOT contact us regarding starting probationary membership, any updates regarding this will be posted on the website. Thanks.

In order to become a Probationary Member, you will need to bring the following documents to the Club:

  1. Fully completed form: Application for Probationary Membership
  2. 3 passport photographs
  3. Photo ID (passport or driving licence)
  4. Proof of address (driving licence, recent utility bill, council tax bill, bank statement etc.)
  5. Appropriate fee (see pricelist)

IMPORTANT: Failure to provide ALL of the above will result in delays to the processing of your membership.

Please note that copies of your ID and proof of address will be kept on file at the club.

Full Membership Renewal
The renewal date for full membership is 31st July (each year). Application forms will be sent automatically to your email address.

Further details of Membership and costs of ammunition, entering competitions etc. can be found in the "Club Fees / Prices / Subscription Prices / Range Opening Times" document, available in the Downloads section.

Please Note: All the membership fees are given to Preston Grasshoppers as rent on the building.

The club itself runs on a £2.00 per visit fee and ammunition sales to fund insurance, professional training (i.e. First Aid), consumables and range improvements.